Our lace-pillows are all made of styrodur with a 10 mm high quality industrial wool-velt top.
This almost removes the wear you normally get from multiple pin holes. And they are very lightweight.
Our standard pillow is the flat type, but in several models available, all upholstered in blue.
These pillows have interchangeable inserts in 4 types.
And if you want some other model or size, please contact us, we also make specials.

Click on the type of pillow for details and prizes.

For all flat pillows except the fan-pillow, we have a suitable pillow bag, please ask us for more information.

Flat Round Blockpillows Flat Oval Pillows Flat Oval Blockpillows Fan Pillow Roll Pillow Roll Pillow Pillow Stands

Flat Round Blockpillows


Flat Oval Blockpillows


Flat Oval Pillows


Fan Pillow


Roll Pillow


Pillow Stands

's Gravenmoer pillow
Old Dutch's Gravenmoer pillow

price and picture

Individual pillow inserts
Individual inserts

Flat pillow inserts

price and picture

Lace Pillow bags
Lace-Pillow bags

in 4 different sizes

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Last Modified: 16-3-2010